Can you really save money using CrunchSign?

Last update on Oct. 7, 2014.

Can you really save money using CrunchSign?

You may well use CrunchSign because is greener than printing and signing (because it is), but did you know it is cheaper too?

Going paperless can really save on man-hours, and this is where most money will be saved, but let's look at some printing & posting vs electronic comparisons:

If you require extra evidence of Signer identity and use CrunchSign's Mobile Phone Verification, this might be compared to posting a document for a written signature. So we are comparing CrunchSign at 10p (for the PIN sent by SMS) with 93p for a Royal Mail 1st class stamp, or more likely £1.73 for a 'signed for' letter, or perhaps £6.40 for a 'guaranteed next day' delivery or even more for a courier.

For more every-day signing, high volume users and/or users signing documents with many pages can save money using CrunchSign vs printing and signing.

And certainly every time you use CrunchSign, there is a saving in printing costs which can be offset against the cost of CrunchSign.

The Cost of Printing (apart from the trees)

It's hard to put an exact figure on the cost of printing because there is so much variety in the printer cartridges used (and paper for that matter). But here are some figures for you, just taking into account printer ink:

The cheapest genuine HP black ink cartridge we could find on the internet cost £27 for a 600 page yield at 5% page coverage (5% of the page is covered in ink). But does anyone actually get 600 pages printed from a cartridge with this rating? Usually no. Printer power ups and cleaning cycles use a lot of ink, heavier fonts and lots of text will go over the 5% coverage, and so typically you might expect a 400 page yield, giving the cost at about 7p/page.

Using re-filled cartridges can be much cheaper and perhaps bring the price down as low as 2.5p/page.

So a 3 page document would cost 7.5p - 21p to print, a 10 page document 25p - 70p.

A CrunchSign PAYG credit can cost as little as 40p, and a subscriber signing 30 documents a month runs at a per document cost of 20p.

Of course, we have not touched on the real benefits of CrunchSign here - content verification and tamper-proofing, speed and convenience of signature collection, mobile friendly (when you can't easily access a printer), more secure than 'pen & paper' signatures, avoidance of incorrectly completed documents etc.

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