How are you billed?

Last update on Sept. 22, 2014.

Monthly by subscription on a credit/debit card. (Or one off payments for PAYG Credits)

Your monthly subscription cost is billed in advance.

If you cancel a subscription part way through a billing cycle you immediately revert to PAYG.

PAYG credits are used at 1 Credit per signed document (regardless of number of signers), and 1/4 Credit per SMS text message sent.

If you have a subscription, credits are not used when documents are signed, however they are still used when sending SMS text messages.

Note: Pro Accounts with Team Users

Your Pro account subscription is billed in advance. Any Team User subscriptions are billed in arrears. Volume discounts for Team Users are automatically applied, at the rate advertised in the 'Prices' section of our homepage.

So, for example, if you subscribed on Jan 1st, then on Jan 1st you will be charged your Pro subscription fee.

Then on Feb 1st you will be charged February's Pro subscription fee and also the Team User subscription costs from January.

If you cancel your Pro subscription part way through a billing cycle, two things happen:

1. You (and all your users) immediately revert to PAYG.

2. Your credit/debit card will be charged for any outstanding Team User costs incurred during that period.

Also, please note that you require PAYG credits in your main Pro account for you and your users to send SMS text messages (charged at 1/4 credit per message sent).

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