About 'Document Security' options

Last update on Oct. 8, 2014.

When sending a Signature Request, you can choose out of 4 document security options.

Note: Signature request links are sent out by email, but do not contain the document as an attachment ever.

Email Attachment: Signed and completed documents are sent to all signers by email with the document attached to the email. The signed document is deleted from CrunchSign once these emails have been sent. This is the default option and is perfectly acceptable unless you do not want signed documents sent as email attachments...

Download link: The signed document is not sent as an email attachment, rather, a download link is sent by email instead. This link will work until 14 days after the signature request was sent out (not from when it was signed). After 14 days, the document is deleted from CrunchSign.

Download link + Access Code: As for 'Download link' except a Document Access Code must be entered before downloading the document.
The Document Access Code is automatically generated by CrunchSign when you send out the signature request, and is displayed in the 'success' message near the top of the page.

You should take a note of it and send it to your signers by your own means.
If you forget the code, you can find it in the 'Invite2Sign' log created for the signature request.

Download link + Access Code sent by SMS: As above, except that CrunchSign will automatically send the Document Access Code once, via SMS, to all signers for whom you have provided a mobile phone number. Each SMS sent costs 1/4 PAYG credit.

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